Yoga in the Sky: The Coolest Yoga Class in London

Last week I went over to the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch St, to do what can only be described as yoga in the sky! The Sky Garden is a beautiful indoor garden, with its own restaurant and bar, sitting almost 40 floors above London. Set behind the garden, is a unique space with views looking north over the City towards the Gherkin and beyond.

Last Thursday morning that space was transformed into a yoga class for about fifty people of different abilities. Some people there were quite advanced, but even if you are complete beginner I would still highly recommend this class. I’m no yoga expert and even I managed not to tie myself in knots. It was actually an awesome and invigorating start to the day.

The class starts at 6:30am sharp and, if you’re not a morning person, that probably sounds a bit painful. But watching the sun rising over the City while you’re mid-pose is a sure fire way to feel like a yoga legend, even when you’re about to fall flat on your face.

So, here are a few Yoga tips for you if you’re going to attend:

1/ Get there early. The best spots are closest to the teacher and sound system get filled up first. In my opinion you want to be in the middle row about six people away from the sound setup. That way you are able to hear what’s going on throughout the class, but also get the best views of the City.

2/ There’s a handy bench at the front that you can pop your shoes and things underneath. Make sure you’re organised and ready by 6:30. Wandering through the masses in the middle of a sun salutation might prove awkward.

3/ Bring your own yoga mat. They clearly state that on the webpage, but there were still loads of people turning up without one. Don’t be one of them! The floor is a hard and cold stone – beautiful, but definitely too cold for comfort.

4/ Make the most of the awesome photo opportunities after the class. So if you have a chance to go, take it all in, make sure you remember it, and take lots of selfies! (Update: It’s back from Jan 2017)

5/ Treat yourself at the Darwin Brasserie. The café has a 20% discount for all yoga participants – remember to ask! They little breakfast and fruit pots, as well as a wide range of teas. Take some time after class to wind down, and enjoy the view – even if you just have a nice well-deserved cup of tea.

You don’t get many chances to experience yoga at the top of a skyscraper, and there’s only a short time left to go, so make sure you get up there and do it for yourself!


Tickets for Sky High Yoga! Book them on the Billeto website now!


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