Workout Nutrition. What’s in Yours?

I’m no stranger to intra-workout nutrition. It’s something I’ve been doing for many years now. It’s something I’ve done since I started training, but back then it was a simple BCAA or EAA powder. However, those that know me or have seen my clients train, never see then without their big bottle. This my friends, it the secret sauce and I’m about to spill the beans.

Firstly, for those that aren’t in the know, intra-workout nutrition is exactly what the name suggests. Something you consume during your workout. But there’s the good and bad kind. While many companies have jumped on the intra-workout nutrition bandwagon, the first company taking this seriously was in Colorado Springs. To be fair to them, they still have the best product available on the market today, albeit also being one of the most expensive. That product is Plazma by Biotest.

However, I digress. One of the most important questions you should be asking is whether intra-workout nutrition is for you. And whether you have anything to gain from it.

Why Should You Care About Intra-Workout Nutrition?

Have you ever felt like you’ve wanted to give a little more to your workouts but just didn’t have the energy left? Or you’re so sore from workouts that you can’t physically take yourself into the gym to train because EVERYTHING hurts! We’ll let me tell you, there’s something that you could have been doing all this time which could have sped up your results. Made it so you could train the same muscle groups multiple times a week. While also giving another 50% to your workouts without feeling like you were about to vomit in the corner.

It’s so simple. It’s all about the ‘Secret Drink’.

If you could push past your normal workout volume and keep going, would you? What if you could feel those skin splitting pumps that Arnold always talks about, every single workout? How about muscles recovering so quickly, that you can train them multiple times a week without effecting progress?

The right intra-workout protocol can do just that for you. Let me explain…

How Does It Work? Surely What You’re Describing is Illegal?

Keeping up to date with the latest research in nutrition and not just relying on what the athletes and weekend warriors of yesteryear did. I’m baffled when I see people in the gym drinking BCAAs or EAAs.  Especially considering how far sports nutrition has come in the last 10 years.

But if you care about your training and results, why use a method that went out of date 10 years ago? Surely you wouldn’t want a surgeon using outdated methods and equipment when newer and better methods are available?

So how does the ‘new nutrition’ differ?

Supplement companies have been playing with their recipes and formulas, trying to get nutrition into muscles as quickly as possible after a workout for years. However, everything changed when they decided to try to get nutrition to a muscle during the workout instead of after it. With advances in nutrition research, several new proteins and carbohydrates were born. These nutrients are essentially pre-digested, meaning they could enter the intestines and subsequently the blood steam a lot faster than before. While these ingredients were originally being developed for endurance athletes like triathletes and long distance cycling teams, self-experimentation started to show real promise in strength and resistance training as well.

What Are These Magical Ingredients and How Do I Get My Hands on Them?

The main ingredients that are going to make most of an impact when it comes to training recover are protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes. Now it’s the ratio that these are mixed in that makes a difference. Its already well established that getting amino acids and glucose into muscle cells will start the recovery process, and the electrolytes act as carriers for these nutrients to get where they need to go.

The first ingredient you’re looking for is Hydrolised Casein, or the trade name PeptoPro. You can get this from any supplement store that sells powders individually like or

The second ingredient is Highly Branched Cyclic (cluster) Dextrin. This is your carbohydrate source. A little harder to get a hold of, but not impossible. Gaspari Nutrition make an excellent HBCD product called Glycofuse.

The third, is the Electrolyte Powder. Again, something easily available from supplement powder selling websites like those listed above for the PeptoPro.

If however, you’re like me and would rather get a ‘done-for-you’ version. I’ve created a handy download which includes my top 5 ‘Intra-Workout’ products. So easy, all you have to do is find one that suits your budget and off you go.

You Can Find It Here!

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