Why Weight? Where the Answers Lie to a Successful Body Transformation.

Why weight? Get started today!

See what I did there?

The Secret’s Out

For years, people have avoided the weights room. It’s almost been like an exclusive club which required a meat head membership. The biggest guys were in there, the loudest and more often than not, the most obnoxious too. Usually dubbed the ‘Testosterone Zone’, you’d only really train here if you fit in or could bare that eye watering stretch floating through the room.

However, modern fitness has changed all that. People are beginning to realise, the weights room is where the results are. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the most impressive physiques, whether it be the strongest or the most aesthetic, all lie in the same place. The Weights Room!

The social media boom, specifically instagram, has opened the door to the weight room and invited everyone to come and play. 9 times out of 10, every impressive physique or body transformation you see has happened in the weight room. Now it’s your turn to get involved.

A Tale of Two Intensities…

“I heard it’s all about High Intensity Workouts! Isn’t that true?”

The high intensity boom arrived and everyone jumped on it. It promised you six second abs, shredded in weeks and a six pack in 10 days. And everyone bought it.

From huge chain gyms to workouts in the park, the high intensity thing has been beaten to death. When most people think high intensity, they think sprints, some sort of circuit class or a crazy park workout. While these types of workout can be fun, they are not they only place intensity lies.

When it comes to these ‘insane’ workouts, the results only come and last as long as you keep going at 100%. Because they only allow you to burn calories while you’re training, they never build lasting change. So as soon as you stop training at that super high intensity, your results stop too.

Most don’t realise, high intensity workouts don’t always have to be the cardio based workouts that most people know them for. High intensity also refers to strength training and training with weights. The heavier the weight, the higher the intensity. And training with weight is where lasting change happens.

Weight a Minute!

Hold your horses! Before you get started, realise one thing; the weight room is one of the only places in the gym that actually requires personal trainers. It’s great to try and go it alone, but a good personal trainer will speed up your results from weight based exercise while also keeping you injury free.

Anyone can take you through a super high intensity, sweating through the eye balls type of workout. But training someone effectively with weights takes real skill, which is a rarity these days. So before you rush off to they weights room to start your change, make sure you have some guidance first!

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