Why The Squat Isn’t Working For You!

The Squat. Best Booty Builder right? Wrong!

The Squat can be a great exercise, but more often then not, the way it’s executed makes it one of the worst exercises to build a Booty. Unless you have someone constantly watching the way you squat, or you have enough experience to keep constant tension in the glutes through every rep in the entire set, you’ll probably miss out on a lot of premium muscle growth.

What you’re doing wrong, and how to fix The Squat!

Ass to grass! Every single rep!

Here’s the problem with squatting too low. Most people don’t have the flexibility or mobility to keep the glutes working all the way through the squat. There’s a point you get to in your low squat when your glutes stop working. No matter how much intent you have there are some things you can’t change. But there is a better way. First, you either start working aggressively on your mobility and flexibility so you can squat lower, and still have your glutes work. Alternatively, you only squat as low as you can while your glutes still doing the work.


Your Butt’s Winking At Me!

The butt wink is the death of your booty growth. The image above shows the butt wink, when your hips tuck under at the bottom of your squat. If you know what you’re looking for, you’ll see this all the time at the gym. Even from inspirational ‘fitness girls’ on instagram. The unfortunate thing is that most of them won’t even know they’re making this mistake, so they’re not even able to inform their hundreds of thousands of followers that they’re doing something wrong.

However, if you know where to look, you’ll be able to see the squat done right. Bikini competitors, fitness and figure athletes all have amazing glutes and the reason for this is they know how to train them. They don’t jump around doing crazy ‘butt blaster’ workouts, because they know the simple things work and have done for years. You don’t need new butt routines, you just need to know how to do what you’re doing properly.

Learn More, Be Better…

There are so many more ways to build a great butt then by The Squat alone. The glutes work in 3 main movements and it all thats at the hip. I’ve included these as well as exercise tips and how to execute them all properly in my upcoming ‘Booty Building’ guide. But being as I’m such a nice person, I’ve decided to give you a little snippet from the guide today, for free. All you have to do is download it below be entering your name and email address. To get the free pages, click on the image below.

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