How far Apart are Your Contractions?

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How far Apart are Your Contractions? No not those contractions… silly! I’m talking about muscle contractions. What? You’re not having contractions? That’s probably why you still look like a twiglet! Muscle contractions are key to building long lasting quality muscle, yet so many trainees that want to build muscle still treat their workout like some sort of Crossfit isolation workout. Why would you even care about contractions? Just move some heavy ass weight, right? Building good quality muscle is all about how long you can maintain tension in the working muscle before it gives up on you. If you’re just trying to move as much weight as you can, you’ll probably find that the muscle you want to train isn’t the one doing most of [...]

5 Training Tips that ACTUALLY deliver results!

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Most articles I see for training tips on the internet usually cover the same points, something to do with rep ranges, or best exercises for (insert training goal here...).  While these articles do have some merit I would like people to put out articles for people that know the basics but could do with a few additional tips. I've decided to share 5 training tips which are a little different than what you would usually come across. So read on, implement these into your training and being to see the results... 1. Know what you're training for. I see a lot of people training in the gym. Some are advanced in their training years and know exactly what they're training for and know exactly how [...]

Workout, get strong, lose fat!

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For most people, fitting in a workout several times a week is just not a viable option.  And for those who are new to training, jumping onto a program that involves a complex body part split it way too much, way too soon. When starting out with resistance training, it’s usually a good idea to start with something a little more simple, that allows you to train the whole body and have an adequate number of rest days allowing your body to recuperate from the new stimulus the body is experiencing. Generally when someone is starting a resistance program, I like to prescribe something that works the upper and lower body in the same session, and usually between 3-4 of such workouts a week. These [...]