Energy Systems, GO! Choose The Right Workouts to Burn The Right Fuel!

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Energy Systems can be a really complex topic, or a really simple one. As I don't expect any of you looking for information to write a scientific paper here, I'm going to make it as simple as possible. In short, we have different energy systems that we use for different activities. Some use creatine for fuel, some carbohydrates (glucose) and some fats (lipids). Depending on what type of activity you focus on, you can choose what type of fuel you use. Although nearly all activities will use a combination of all fuel types, there will definitely be a dominant fuel source. The Energy Systems Our energy systems are broken up into sections depending on how much power an activity requires. As you can see from [...]

Cardio or CardiNo?! What to do for your goal.

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Cardio, you know you love it or you hate it. But is it a necessary evil? Moreover, does the type you do make a difference to your goals and performance? Of course it does! The Cardio Conundrum If it's something you don't really enjoy doing, then why spend a large chunk of your training doing it? Yes there are benefits cardio training but do you really need to be doing it for endless hours to see results? There are major health benefits to doing cardio based workouts, for those wanting to improve their endurance, health and build muscle. How much, how often and what type you do is completely dependent on your end goal. Whatever your goal, you don't have to spend endless hours running [...]