Half Your Body Fat; Double Your Health

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The Fat Problem Having high levels of body fat is detrimental to your health. You know this already. The average body fat in the western World is 30% and is going to rise in the next decade unless more steps are taken to improve health and reduce body fat. Having a high body fat percentage is usually the start to many life shortening illnesses, but levels are still on the rise despite efforts to improve health and wellness across the World. [Tweet "The average body fat in the western World is 30% and is going to rise in the next decade unless more steps are taken to improve health and reduce body fat across the board."] With the average person sitting at around 30%, it doesn't take [...]

Eat More, Lose Fat!

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Lose fat by eating more? Crazy right? Keep reading. Eat less, move more and you'll lose weight and improve your health right?  Bullshit! 'Health Professionals' have been trying to sell this one for a while. Yet, obesity is at a high, heart disease is rampant and people are still failing at fat/weight loss. You've definitely heard it, definitely tried it and if you're here, you didn't get the results you wanted. So where do you go now? Lose 10 lbs in 10 days! When consulting with clients we often hear about diets they've tried: fasting, juice cleanses, ultra-low calorie diets and others. After the 'quick fix' plans have been tried and have failed, it's up to us to pick up the pieces. What most novices [...]

The cost of being lean: what are you willing to do?

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Do you have what it takes to be lean? My reason for posting this infographic should come as no surprise.  Many people are convinced they want to achieve a particular physique goal but generally they have no idea the sacrifices and planning needed to achieve the body of their dreams.  It's very easy to set out on a goal, and it's also pretty simple to move from one level to the next, but in order to get super lean, or even close to it, requires more than most people are willing to give. There's a reason why very few will build a lean cover model body, because the work, effort and dedication required will take a lot out of you.  Hopefully this infographic will be [...]

Sleep Like A Baby; Grow Like A Pro

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Sleep, so simple yet something many can’t seem to get right. Whether it’s due to ridiculous working hours or a hectic social lifestyle, sleep is the one thing that if most people fix would change the playing field completely. Whether the goal is to get leaner, stronger or to grow more muscle; proper sleep has so many benefits that it affects all goals equally. Change your sleeping patterns and see what it can do for you. The mechanics of sleep… Most people need anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep a night but when taking averages of the people that train with me, the average seems to be more like 4-7 hours a night. With demanding jobs either having people work late or being so demanding [...]

Workout, get strong, lose fat!

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For most people, fitting in a workout several times a week is just not a viable option.  And for those who are new to training, jumping onto a program that involves a complex body part split it way too much, way too soon. When starting out with resistance training, it’s usually a good idea to start with something a little more simple, that allows you to train the whole body and have an adequate number of rest days allowing your body to recuperate from the new stimulus the body is experiencing. Generally when someone is starting a resistance program, I like to prescribe something that works the upper and lower body in the same session, and usually between 3-4 of such workouts a week. These [...]