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Let it Grow; Let it Grow Who wants to grow a big butt?! Hands up! Lets grow some Glutes! This is it, our beginners glute article. It will take you through how you should train the glutes for maximum growth. How you should set up your training to get the most from your training and what to do next. We've also included a FREE workout for you to download at the bottom! We get a lot of requests when it comes to training glutes. In fact, the most common goal we’ve had over the last 18 months from female clients is how to train their glutes to be bigger, rounder and stronger. We come across is so often, that not only have we gotten really good [...]

Leg exercises I love…

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We've always loved leg training, it's no secret.  Since I (Mish) started training I always focused a lot on legs. I never skipped leg day. I learned to love leg training early on in my training life, often training them 3-4 times a week. Fast forward several years and I seem to be constantly surrounded by people that skip leg day. In order to share some of my wisdom with the masses I wanted to share my favourite leg exercises with you! Big Moves = Big Results Talk to anyone about training your legs and you'll be told to Squat. I completely agree with this. However, in my opinion, most people: 1/ don't squat often enough, 2/ Skip through the squat relatively quickly or 3/Always [...]