Eat to starve Cancer!

I came across this amazing video earlier last year. In it, William Li a cancer researcher, discusses the ways we can use intelligent nutrition to beat various illnesses.  Discussing Angiogenesis, and how it feeds either the death or growth of new blood vessels, Li tells how you can feed healthy processes in the body and starve unhealthy processes like cancer and obesity as well as many others.

Most of the anti-angiogenetic therapies that Li talks about are mostly topical creams and oral doses of drugs that can be applied and used once a tumor has developed.  But Li goes a step further and advises on what you can do to stop cancer developing in the first place.  Showing you what foods you can eat to not only starve cancer, but how to prevent it.

Starving Cancer: what you can do.

Nutrition is the key to fighting many illnesses and diseases.  The only problem is, people are not really sure what they should be eating in order to halt and reverse these processes.  As you can see from the image above, around 90% of cancers are caused by environmental factors.  Here’s the good news: you can choose what you eat (30-35%), whether you smoke (25-30%), whether you remain obese or not (10-20%) or if you drink (4-6%).  That already takes care of between 80-90% of causes. If that’s not a win win situation, I don’t know what is.

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