You’re Not Good Enough

You’re not good enough…

You’ve told yourself you’re not good enough before. We all have; at some point or another. The thing that will separate you from your successes, is whether you believed it or not. Or even if you continue to believe it.

Self talk is a powerful thing. There is no voice more powerful then your own and if it’s constantly telling you you’re not good enough. You’re in for a tough ride.

You can listen to motivational speaker and read self help books. You can go to seminars and take courses. Learn new skills and train yourself to be a better version of yourself on the outside.

But… if your internal dialogue doesn’t change, the outward changes will never really take effect. All you’ve been doing is building a facade. If that internal voice isn’t congruent with who you want to be, you’re road ahead will be paved with failure.

Most people will never achieve goals they set for themselves due to this internal voice. The voice that tells them that there’s no point. I don’t want it anyway. It’s not healthy to become obsessive about XYZ. I’m not good enough.


Change the voice. Change the outcome.

Unless those you can’t’s, you’re not’s and you don’t’s knows change for I can, I am and I know’s. Nothing will change. You need to shift your internal dialogue to support your final outcome.

This is why you’ll try self help books, seminars with coaches and everything else the self help industry is built on. It’s hoping you’ll find someone who’s message resonates with your internal voice. Someone who convinces your internal voice that you are good enough will help you shift toward that brighter more positive self.

When you find the voice that works for you, run with it. Speak to yourself in a positive voice everyday. It doesn’t mean you need to stand in front of the mirror every morning repeating a mantra to your self over and over again. You can’t let that old voice creep back in.


Focus on what you want more of. Not what you don’t.

It’s very easy to go through life focusing on the Don’t’s, even if you don’t mean to.

  • I don’t want to be stressed
  • I don’t want to be sick
  • I don’t like my job
  • I don’t like mornings
  • I don’t like broccoli
  • I don’t like my body.

Usually, the don’t’s seem to take over in most peoples lives.

How many people actually say to themselves…

  • I want to be healthier
  • Coffee brightens up my morning
  • X,Y,Z vegetables are my favourite
  • My body is an awesome machine
  • I want more from my job
  • I am confident
  • I’m employed and successful at  what I do.

Victory belongs to those who truly believe they deserve it. Start believing; tell yourself you can.


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