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Who wants to grow a big butt?! Hands up! Lets grow some Glutes!

This is it, our beginners glute article. It will take you through how you should train the glutes for maximum growth. How you should set up your training to get the most from your training and what to do next. We’ve also included a FREE workout for you to download at the bottom!

We get a lot of requests when it comes to training glutes. In fact, the most common goal we’ve had over the last 18 months from female clients is how to train their glutes to be bigger, rounder and stronger. We come across is so often, that not only have we gotten really good at it, but it’s time we taught you how to do it too.


Why you should change the way you train your glutes.

When clients come to us wanting to grow their booty, the biggest complaint we get is, ‘I can’t feel my glutes working’. We change that for them, and we can change it for you too!

The problem is, the exercises they learn are from watching videos on Instagram. However, when there’s no coaching or guidance, you’re just playing a game of monkey see, monkey do.

So, what should you do instead? You know how to squat, you’ve seen glute bridges, you know what a Romanian Deadlift is. But, if you can’t feel the muscle contract against the weight, or controlling the eccentric, the exercise becomes inefficient. No amount of bouncing around like your favourite Instagram expert is going to fix that.

Knowing the function of the glutes, what makes them fire and in what range they are active will change the way you train your glutes forever. Read on…


How the Glutes Function

Simply speaking, the glutes as a group of muscles have 3 main jobs. These are: Extension of the hip, Abduction of the femur and external rotation of the femur. Look at the three pics below to get a quick idea of what each one means.

Everyone will train their glutes with the first function. This is the squat, deadlift, step ups, glute bridges and some other variations. Few will add some sort of abduction to train their glutes. This can be done on a cable machine with an ankle strap. If you’re being a little more inventive, you’ll add bands too. The third however, is the one that almost everyone misses out and in fact it’s the one where you’ll get the best contraction/shortening of the target glute muscle.

When training a muscle, any muscle, they key is to get it contract as hard as possible against weight. Although performing a movement can get a muscle to shorten, getting it to contract maximally takes a little more thought and effort. However, if you can’t get a muscle to contract hard without any weight, adding weight won’t make it better.

Check Out This Free Workout To See How We Set Up A Training Session!

Here’s What You Should Be Doing…

Most people have been taught to start their workouts with a heavy lift. This means some sort of heavy squat or deadlift. But for someone that doesn’t feel the target muscle working, this isn’t the best thing to do. Instead, pick an isolation exercise, one that gets the target muscle fired up and make that your first exercise.

This isn’t the same as the activation exercise, here you’ll be using weights and a proper set and rep scheme. This is called pre-fatiguing a muscle. The idea, by the time you move on to a heavier exercise, the target muscle is already switched on and working, so it takes more of the work during the heavier exercise.

Our do 2-3 exercises before they move onto the main/heavy lift of the workout. And once they’re done with their heavy lift, they use a light exercise. Something that really allows you to feel the muscle contract. There’s only one reason for this, to get blood into the muscle.

Take home point

Until you can make the target muscle contract hard on demand, you should start all your workouts with activation work for the target muscle, like in the workout ABOVE! Make sure the target muscle knows it’s going to be working. Sounds silly, but it will make all the difference by the end of the workout.

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