Digestion matters, chew your food!

Most people come to a personal trainer with one of two goals, they either want to be stronger and put on muscle, or they want to lose weight and get leaner.  And although they’re eager to get into the weights room and start working towards their goal, it’s usually not where they should start.  Most people that come to me for some sort of dietary intervention or advice usually have leaks in their diet and nutrition that need to be plugged before we can start doing the fancy stuff. You see your digestion is the most important aspect of overall health; it controls which nutrients are absorbed into your body and more importantly what toxins are blocked from entering.  Yet the ability to digest efficiently is also the one aspect of diet and nutrition is always overlooked. Without the ability to digest the food you eat, including the expensive supplements you take, you are literally crapping out your hard earned cash. So what’s caused the issue in the first place, and how do you go about fixing it?

Years of bad eating along with a diet lacking in real food is what we need to look at. Processed foods that have been sitting on shelves for years usually have very little in the way of nutritional value, and more importantly contain no natural enzymes, which help break down the food you are eating.  Years of eating these nutritionally castrated foods mean that your body starts forgetting how to break down foods as it stops producing its own enzymes, meaning you’re now eating all these foods but not getting anything from them.  In order to fix this, you need to start eating a healthy, nutritionally dense, natural food diet again. Can the processed junk, forget the ready meals, ditch anything that has a shelf life of more then a week. Add in fresh foods that decompose (contain enzymes) and plenty of them. It may also be a good idea to add in some digestive supplement protocols in order to help getting your digestion back on track a lot sooner. Taking the simplest step of chewing your food properly will work wonders for your digestion.

The second most common problem is food allergies and intolerances that have not been diagnosed. In order to make sure you’re getting the maximum amount of nutrients from your food, first you need to make sure that your digestive system is working as well as it can be. When you eat foods that do no agree with your body, they can often inflame the intestinal lining making it hard for the body absorb nutrients and also making you feel ill in the process. Eating foods that do not agree with your natural state also cause havoc with your gut bacteria. In order the get this back on track; it is usually a good idea to start eliminating foods that are known to cause you issues. Anything that causes you to bloat, have gas, makes you feel sluggish or tired, or even gives you a runny nose or headache needs to go.  Of course there are hundreds of more possible symptoms, but there are way to many to go into here.  Get yourself testing for food allergies, there are many tests that can be done, so make sure you spend a little extra and get a comprehensive one done. From there you can take steps to recovery your gut health and rebuilding your good gut bacteria with tactical supplementation.

Once you’ve taken these steps to fix your digestion, you’ll start feeling better within a few weeks, energy levels should pick up and vitality should return. Let me know how you get on and lets see where you are in a few weeks.

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Own Your Fitness is a premier Personal Training and Nutritional Consultancy. Mish started his training life obese, out of shape and very unfit. Fast forward to the present day and several years of education later, he's here to provide you with an unparalleled service in the most advanced areas of training, nutrition and supplementation.
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