Always Cheat on a Monday!

Cheat meals! Who doesn’t love them, right?

But what day do you have your cheat meal on? Does it even make a difference?

Most experts will tell you to have your cheat meal on the weekend. Have it as your family meal. As a meal out in a restaurant. On a date night. Or something similar.

There’s definitely merit to that method, but it doesn’t work for everyone. You certainly get those that can do it, I’ve met them. But there are definitely valid reasons as to why it doesn’t work; let me explain.

The Cheat Meal Problem

Although you like to think of it as a cheat meal, more often than not, it’s not. It’s a binge, or a cheat afternoon, that turns into a cheat evening, sometimes into a cheat day and if you’re really new to dieting, into a cheat weekend. That’s where the problems begins.

While you may want to sit with your family at dinner on a Saturday night and have your free meal, or sit across from your loved one on date night and consume that big restaurant burger followed by a chocolate Sundae, you may not find it so simple just to stick to that. When those hormones start going wild and your body is being flood with endorphins and serotonin, it becomes addictive and you just want to keep going.

Instead, if you were to have your free meal on a weekday, let’s say a Monday like I do, you’re less likely to wake up on a Tuesday morning and carry on cheating. Whereas having the meal on Friday or Saturday leaves you open to unexpected curveballs.

A New Approach

Imagine if you could have your scheduled healthy planned meal when everyone else was stuffing their faces with crap. Or if you could do out for coffee with a friend on the weekend and skip the cakes and cookies, because it’s not on your plan. Imagine being the one that’s in charge of what you eat and when you eat it, rather then being a slave to temptation, just because everyone else is doing it.

That’s what this new approach is for you. It’s a way to take back control of the way you eat by controlling when you cheat. By having your free meal on a Monday, you’re less likely to be out with friends or having a social meal out, meaning it’s less likely the one free meal turns into a blowout.

If you find yourself struggling on the weekend when it comes to cheat meals, try this new approach out and see if it works for you. Pick a day, preferably Monday, and have your cheat meal for dinner. You know you have to go back to normal eating in the morning. You’re probably not going to be going out partying afterwards. It’s cheat meal and off to bed, and back onto the normal plan in the morning.

Of course, if you have a super strong will like TheRock, you can just wait 6 months for your next cheat meal and have that epic blowout like he did that one time…

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