Endurance Training: Not Just For Ironman Athletes.

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In the last few weeks, we've covered energy systems and the types of training that use different energy systems. Namely Strength and Hypertrophy. This week looks at endurance training and the different types of endurance training; the popular and not so popular. When working to increase your work capacity, no matter what the discipline, endurance training is going to be your go-to tool. Why Endurance Training? I Don't Want to Do An Ironman... Endurance training has been seen by many as being something that marathon runners or Ironman athletes do. However, it has great benefits for the regular gym goers too. Apart from working wonders for your insulin sensitivity, it also allows you to give more to your workouts by increasing your work capacity. You may [...]

Body Sculpting Like An Artist – Without Going Under The Knife

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So you decided to start training. You got to it late in life. You definitely prioritise your health and quality of life. You'd like to be a bit stronger and a bit fitter, but do you have to be an elite marathon runner or strength athlete? You have a good base level of strength, one that makes sure you'll never get injured moving the furniture. You've developed a level of fitness which allows you to take part in fun runs and the occasional 5K charity event when it takes your fancy. But you still don't look strong or fit. If you want to, maybe body sculpting is for you. I've had hundreds of consultations over the years and most people come to me with the [...]

Crack Strength Training – Without Complicated Maths!

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Have you ever done any research into strength training programmes? If you have, you'll see they're littered with percentages and optimal ranges. You may feel like you need to be a mathematician when looking at how complicated some strength coaches make their programmes. Why is this? What's with all the numbers? Where did it all begin? Strength Training: Cracking The Code Strength training has been around forever. Since the dawn of time and the beginning of human intelligence we've been trying to improve ourselves. Being stronger was just one of the many ways of doing this. But it wasn't till the last century that a strength training was approached from a Scientific perspective. Enter Russian weightlifting coach, A.S. Prilepin. Determined to crack the code, he [...]

Energy Systems, GO! Choose The Right Workouts to Burn The Right Fuel!

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Energy Systems can be a really complex topic, or a really simple one. As I don't expect any of you looking for information to write a scientific paper here, I'm going to make it as simple as possible. In short, we have different energy systems that we use for different activities. Some use creatine for fuel, some carbohydrates (glucose) and some fats (lipids). Depending on what type of activity you focus on, you can choose what type of fuel you use. Although nearly all activities will use a combination of all fuel types, there will definitely be a dominant fuel source. The Energy Systems Our energy systems are broken up into sections depending on how much power an activity requires. As you can see from [...]

Cardio or CardiNo?! What to do for your goal.

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Cardio, you know you love it or you hate it. But is it a necessary evil? Moreover, does the type you do make a difference to your goals and performance? Of course it does! The Cardio Conundrum If it's something you don't really enjoy doing, then why spend a large chunk of your training doing it? Yes there are benefits cardio training but do you really need to be doing it for endless hours to see results? There are major health benefits to doing cardio based workouts, for those wanting to improve their endurance, health and build muscle. How much, how often and what type you do is completely dependent on your end goal. Whatever your goal, you don't have to spend endless hours running [...]

5 things to make every workout EPIC!

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How do you make sure that every workout is Epic? What can you do and what do you need to focus on to make every workout feel like your best? We've put together 5 important factors, to make your workout EPIC! Epic considerations for Epic Workouts! There are 5 things that can make any workout feel awesome! These 5 things are crucial to having a great workout and to making sure you also cover all your bases. You see when you workout, it's easy to miss some of the more important things, like stretching or mobilising. Making sure you do these 5 things will make all of your workouts feel like the best you've ever had. They're so simple, that you could implement all 5 right away. [...]

How far Apart are Your Contractions?

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How far Apart are Your Contractions? No not those contractions… silly! I’m talking about muscle contractions. What? You’re not having contractions? That’s probably why you still look like a twiglet! Muscle contractions are key to building long lasting quality muscle, yet so many trainees that want to build muscle still treat their workout like some sort of Crossfit isolation workout. Why would you even care about contractions? Just move some heavy ass weight, right? Building good quality muscle is all about how long you can maintain tension in the working muscle before it gives up on you. If you’re just trying to move as much weight as you can, you’ll probably find that the muscle you want to train isn’t the one doing most of [...]


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Let it Grow; Let it Grow Who wants to grow a big butt?! Hands up! Lets grow some Glutes! This is it, our beginners glute article. It will take you through how you should train the glutes for maximum growth. How you should set up your training to get the most from your training and what to do next. We've also included a FREE workout for you to download at the bottom! We get a lot of requests when it comes to training glutes. In fact, the most common goal we’ve had over the last 18 months from female clients is how to train their glutes to be bigger, rounder and stronger. We come across is so often, that not only have we gotten really good [...]

Leg exercises I love…

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We've always loved leg training, it's no secret.  Since I (Mish) started training I always focused a lot on legs. I never skipped leg day. I learned to love leg training early on in my training life, often training them 3-4 times a week. Fast forward several years and I seem to be constantly surrounded by people that skip leg day. In order to share some of my wisdom with the masses I wanted to share my favourite leg exercises with you! Big Moves = Big Results Talk to anyone about training your legs and you'll be told to Squat. I completely agree with this. However, in my opinion, most people: 1/ don't squat often enough, 2/ Skip through the squat relatively quickly or 3/Always [...]

5 Training Tips that ACTUALLY deliver results!

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Most articles I see for training tips on the internet usually cover the same points, something to do with rep ranges, or best exercises for (insert training goal here...).  While these articles do have some merit I would like people to put out articles for people that know the basics but could do with a few additional tips. I've decided to share 5 training tips which are a little different than what you would usually come across. So read on, implement these into your training and being to see the results... 1. Know what you're training for. I see a lot of people training in the gym. Some are advanced in their training years and know exactly what they're training for and know exactly how [...]