The Right Fuel: Feed Your Training For Better Results.

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Contrary to what people may think, not all fuel is created equal. Although a calorie provides the same amount of energy no matter where it comes from, choosing the right fuel can make all the difference to your training. Depending on your training goal, you may way to adjust your food intake to match performance goals. What Is The Right Fuel? Depending on the type of activity your doing, your body needs a different fuels to perform at its best. Choosing the right fuel can make all the difference. Following on from the articles over the past few weeks, strength training requires different fuel for optimal performance than endurance. Training for strength, which is primarily a neural activity, doesn't require loads of carbohydrates to get [...]

Always Cheat on a Monday!

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Cheat meals! Who doesn't love them, right? But what day do you have your cheat meal on? Does it even make a difference? Most experts will tell you to have your cheat meal on the weekend. Have it as your family meal. As a meal out in a restaurant. On a date night. Or something similar. There's definitely merit to that method, but it doesn't work for everyone. You certainly get those that can do it, I've met them. But there are definitely valid reasons as to why it doesn't work; let me explain. The Cheat Meal Problem Although you like to think of it as a cheat meal, more often than not, it's not. It's a binge, or a cheat afternoon, that turns into [...]

Workout Nutrition. What’s in Yours?

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I’m no stranger to intra-workout nutrition. It’s something I’ve been doing for many years now. It’s something I’ve done since I started training, but back then it was a simple BCAA or EAA powder. However, those that know me or have seen my clients train, never see then without their big bottle. This my friends, it the secret sauce and I’m about to spill the beans. Firstly, for those that aren’t in the know, intra-workout nutrition is exactly what the name suggests. Something you consume during your workout. But there’s the good and bad kind. While many companies have jumped on the intra-workout nutrition bandwagon, the first company taking this seriously was in Colorado Springs. To be fair to them, they still have the best product available [...]

How To Build A Body You Can Be Proud Of

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5 Nutrition Facts that will transform your body! You've finally found it... The nutrition article that's going to take you to the body you've always wanted. Looking at nutrition facts or starting a new diet can be tough. The first thing you'll come across is counting calories, that's not a bad place to start.  However, we can say, after years of experience, calories are not the be all and end all of an amazing physique. Anyone that says calorie balance is ALL that matters when it comes to weight loss, only understands basic nutrition. Beyond, we look at how your body uses nutrients and how foods and compounds can impact hormones and neurotransmitters.  These things can dictate whether weight loss is easy, or a struggle. Calorie counting [...]

The Gut Fix… Part 2: The Elimination Diet

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The 4Rs of Functional Medicine Remove: The goal here is to remove anything that could be troubling your digestive system and causing you issues. These are more likely to be foods, which is why the elimination diet above proves so beneficial, but it is also likely that your gut could have a bacterial imbalance, parasite, or some sort of infection. In less serious cases, these can be cured with a herbal supplement, but in severe cases you may need antibiotics. The two gold standards of testing in this case will be the elimination diet for food and a comprehensive stool analysis for parasites and bacterial balance. Replace:  During this second phase that you would to add in supplements that will support the body and the healing [...]

The Gut Fix… Part 1: Food Intolerances

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What are intolerances all about? Food intolerances seem to be the new fitness food fad and have definitely become a hot topic recently.  Without being tested or performing an Elimination Diet, people with little nutrition experience will tell you to avoid all sorts of food because they are causing you to die a slow death.  But just how much of this is true and why has everyone jumped on the bandwagon? Food intolerances are common place these days and most people that are into 'health and fitness' also seem to think that they have one or several and become orthorexic in trying to avoid certain foods.  Just as how fat was demonised in the 70s and 80s, and carbs in the 90s up until recently, [...]

Digestion matters, chew your food!

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Most people come to a personal trainer with one of two goals, they either want to be stronger and put on muscle, or they want to lose weight and get leaner.  And although they’re eager to get into the weights room and start working towards their goal, it’s usually not where they should start.  Most people that come to me for some sort of dietary intervention or advice usually have leaks in their diet and nutrition that need to be plugged before we can start doing the fancy stuff. You see your digestion is the most important aspect of overall health; it controls which nutrients are absorbed into your body and more importantly what toxins are blocked from entering.  Yet the ability to digest efficiently [...]