Pole Fitness and New Beginnings!

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By Mary Milligan About a year ago, I ran into one of my shyest, most introverted friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time. As we were catching up, she took a swift look at her phone, noted the time and paused for a second. I think she knew she was about to make my day. She invited me to join her for a pole fitness lesson. “Just for fun,” she said. Twenty-four hours later, I was so in love, and in so much pain. This turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences in my life. And now, as I'm getting ready for one of my first performances at our pole studio, I wanted to share why I not only started but [...]

Why Weight? Where the Answers Lie to a Successful Body Transformation.

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Why weight? Get started today! See what I did there? The Secret's Out For years, people have avoided the weights room. It's almost been like an exclusive club which required a meat head membership. The biggest guys were in there, the loudest and more often than not, the most obnoxious too. Usually dubbed the 'Testosterone Zone', you'd only really train here if you fit in or could bare that eye watering stretch floating through the room. However, modern fitness has changed all that. People are beginning to realise, the weights room is where the results are. It doesn't take a genius to realise that the most impressive physiques, whether it be the strongest or the most aesthetic, all lie in the same place. The Weights [...]

How To Keep Track of Body Composition and Stay on Top of Your Goals!

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Body transformations are high on everyone's list of priorities... However, using scales to measure your progress will leave you frustrated. When that number doesn't change in a few weeks, but you've been doing everything 'right', what do you do? Most people will take drastic measures. They'll either reduce calories, increase training, do a combination of both, or even worse, stop everything. It's frustrating. But it doesn't have to be. In this article, we outline other things you can do to track your progress so you don't feel like you want to pack it in. What is Body Composition Anyway? What are you made of? We all have bones, muscles, organs, fat and some other bits and pieces. But for the purpose of this article and [...]

Why The Squat Isn’t Working For You!

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The Squat. Best Booty Builder right? Wrong! The Squat can be a great exercise, but more often then not, the way it's executed makes it one of the worst exercises to build a Booty. Unless you have someone constantly watching the way you squat, or you have enough experience to keep constant tension in the glutes through every rep in the entire set, you'll probably miss out on a lot of premium muscle growth. What you're doing wrong, and how to fix The Squat! Ass to grass! Every single rep! Here's the problem with squatting too low. Most people don't have the flexibility or mobility to keep the glutes working all the way through the squat. There's a point you get to in your low [...]

4 Things You Need to Make Progress in 2017

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4 Things You Need to Make Progress in 2017 Don't focus on change; focus on progress. The new year shouldn't be to change yourself, it should be an opportunity to make progress in yourself to create lasting change in your life. By the 15th of January, 95% would have already given up on their goals and resolutions. We don't want you to be one of those people. We want 2017 to be different for you. Here are 4 things we know lead to lasting change. 1/ Have a clear vision of what you want. Did you start last year with a resolution or resolutions? How did they go? Be honest! Most people have great intentions early in the year. They have an idea of what they want, [...]

Fighting Your Way To Fitness

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5 Reasons Boxing Is A Good Workout Boxing is definitely one of the most intense sports in the world. Not only does it involve a lot of ass-kicking but being a good boxer is more than just knowing how to throw a good punch. In fact, punching makes up just a fraction of what boxing is really all about. It requires plenty of footwork, fast reflexes, and split-second thinking and under all that is plenty of hardcore training. Boxing for sport is definitely popular but boxing to get fit is looking to take the spotlight and the trend is rising as we speak. The exclusivity of boxing is long gone and the time is ripe to get fit and strong all while learning to float like a butterfly and [...]

Discover The Lean Body Secret: A High Fat Breakfast!

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High Fat, High Protein Breakfast Bowl! Here's a high fat breakfast bowl that will put a smile on your face! It's 2016 and a brave new World.  People no longer demonise fat.  The U.S. government has withdrawn it's longstanding warnings and guidelines on cholesterol intake. And endurance athletes are are now using high fat diets instead of the traditional carb loading diets to fuel their crazy workouts. So why are you still eating oats for breakfast? The most confusion I see on a clients face is when I tell them to eat there carbs in the evening/night and get them to eat higher fat meals for breakfast. Why does this work better for fat loss and building a hot summer body? Well that's for another [...]

Cauliflower Pizza!!

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  So many people are following different diets these days which may include low carb, or gluten free, but find it difficult once the cravings kick in.  Today I'm going to share with you an option that you can have, which will give you the satisfaction of having a pizza, but without any of the nastiness that comes with it!!   [Tweet "Today I decided to try something a little different... A healthy Cauliflower Pizza!!"] Steps for making a cauliflower base Pizza!! 1. Blend cauliflower in a food blender till you have a coarse textured crumb like the one pictured in the green bowl above! 2. Microwave for 2-3 minutes on a high setting in a ceramic dish until the mixture becomes pliable.  Get yourself [...]

Eat More, Lose Fat!

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Lose fat by eating more? Crazy right? Keep reading. Eat less, move more and you'll lose weight and improve your health right?  Bullshit! 'Health Professionals' have been trying to sell this one for a while. Yet, obesity is at a high, heart disease is rampant and people are still failing at fat/weight loss. You've definitely heard it, definitely tried it and if you're here, you didn't get the results you wanted. So where do you go now? Lose 10 lbs in 10 days! When consulting with clients we often hear about diets they've tried: fasting, juice cleanses, ultra-low calorie diets and others. After the 'quick fix' plans have been tried and have failed, it's up to us to pick up the pieces. What most novices [...]

The cost of being lean: what are you willing to do?

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Do you have what it takes to be lean? My reason for posting this infographic should come as no surprise.  Many people are convinced they want to achieve a particular physique goal but generally they have no idea the sacrifices and planning needed to achieve the body of their dreams.  It's very easy to set out on a goal, and it's also pretty simple to move from one level to the next, but in order to get super lean, or even close to it, requires more than most people are willing to give. There's a reason why very few will build a lean cover model body, because the work, effort and dedication required will take a lot out of you.  Hopefully this infographic will be [...]