Sleep Like A Baby; Grow Like A Pro

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Sleep, so simple yet something many can’t seem to get right. Whether it’s due to ridiculous working hours or a hectic social lifestyle, sleep is the one thing that if most people fix would change the playing field completely. Whether the goal is to get leaner, stronger or to grow more muscle; proper sleep has so many benefits that it affects all goals equally. Change your sleeping patterns and see what it can do for you. The mechanics of sleep… Most people need anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep a night but when taking averages of the people that train with me, the average seems to be more like 4-7 hours a night. With demanding jobs either having people work late or being so demanding [...]

Insulin: Your best friend AND worst enemy!

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When people hear Insulin, they automatically think diabetes. While Insulin is the hormone primarily associated with blood sugar management, it's job is actually a little more complicated than that. Insulin is a storage hormone and the way you manage it, will ultimately determine whether you become muscular, lean and perform like an athlete OR big, soft and tubby where the only contest you're likely to enter is a pie eating one. The body can burn a lot more fat when insulin and blood sugar levels are low. So the key is to make insulin work for you, so you can maximise the benefits and minimise the pitfalls... Call to Action... Blood sugar management. So what exactly happens in the body and what processes require [...]