Essential Supplements – What you need…

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Essential supplements, what exactly are they? To some people, walking into a supplement store is like walking into a sweet shop. They get blinded by the fancy names and colourful labels. But how much of what's on the shelves do you really need? In this article we look at what are the most essential supplements with a brief insight as to why you need them. If you fall into the anti-supplement camp, this one may be an eye opener for you. Essential Supplements - Daily Fish Oil Fish oil comes highest on list because it has so many health benefits. From increased cognitive function, improving insulin sensitivity and protecting the joints, fish oil is a great all rounder. For a small relative cost, fish oil [...]

Supplements: Lazy Shortcut or Modern Necessity to Optimal Health

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Are supplements cheating? Are they a way to be lazy and make sure you still cover all your bases? Modern food, including fruit and vegetables isn't the same as it was decades ago. So what can you do? This is Part 1 of the supplement articles, the 'why' of the supplement series, watch out for part 2 next week for the 'what'! Part 3 in this series will cover 'how' different supplements are better for different goals. The Fresh Food Industry As the demand for more fresh and healthy food is on the rise, farmers need to do everything they can to keep up with demand. As a default, this means developing new practices to make sure they can produce as much food as possible [...]

Walk to a Healthier Future!

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After dinner walk? Whatever happened to those? The simple act of walking seems to be disappearing. Even with the increase in health monitors and pedometers, the increase in walking is as short lived as the novelty of the latest fitness gadget. Eventually it just becomes an expensive watch or heart rate monitor. So how do you make sure your healthy habits stick? They can't just be something you do because you have a new gadget. You need to integrate a new attitude towards health, movement and productivity. Should I Just Walk More? Walking more is a great place to start, it definitely gets you moving more, will increase your heart rate and do wonders for your mental health. But there's only so much of it you [...]

Try Vitamin D if the Winter Blues are Getting You Down…

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A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 10 years ago, found that between 70-80% of people are deficient in Vitamin D.  Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and depression.  This Vitamin is rarely found in our food supply, so supplementation is key. What is Vitamin D? Our bodies synthesise this vitamin/steroid when our skin is exposed to sunlight. Studies show during summer months our bodies produce 6IUs of vitamin D per CM2 of exposed skin. Given the fact that most of us are in the office during the summer, or slathered with SPF50 when we're not, means that we rarely produce sufficient amounts for optimal health. In the winter we get even less. We’re covered from [...]

Warning: Don’t have another drink until you read this!

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5 Ways Alcohol is blunting your Fat Burning efforts! When you start a new diet, it's completely normal to think about cutting calories.  In most cases this comes from alcohol, because  alcohol is just empty calories, right?  You'll look to slim-line tonics, low-calorie spirits and ditch the fruit juice cocktails.  All as a way to trim down without sacrificing a Friday night out with friends. But looking at drinks on a night out as a number of calories is a classic novice nutrition error.  What we consume reaches further than just energy balance.  And here are 5 ways that looking at alcohol a little differently will affect your fat loss efforts this year... 1/ Burger or Kebab? Alcohol lowers inhibitions; nothing new there.  Apart from making us do things we [...]

Half Your Body Fat; Double Your Health

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The Fat Problem Having high levels of body fat is detrimental to your health. You know this already. The average body fat in the western World is 30% and is going to rise in the next decade unless more steps are taken to improve health and reduce body fat. Having a high body fat percentage is usually the start to many life shortening illnesses, but levels are still on the rise despite efforts to improve health and wellness across the World. [Tweet "The average body fat in the western World is 30% and is going to rise in the next decade unless more steps are taken to improve health and reduce body fat across the board."] With the average person sitting at around 30%, it doesn't take [...]

Smoking: What happens when you quit?

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Many of you don't know, that I used to be a smoker.  I started not long after college and quit smoking in 2007.  I used to smoke anywhere near 5-10 cigarettes a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.  For me, the main motivator for quitting smoking was money.  When I tallied up all the money I had spend on cigarettes over the year and saw the final number, it blew my mind.  I started to think about all the things I could have bought and done with that money that had gone up in smoke. Money is never going to be a motivator for everyone, but it certainly was for me.  With the New Year just days away, a lot of people will have the new [...]

Eat to starve Cancer!

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I came across this amazing video earlier last year. In it, William Li a cancer researcher, discusses the ways we can use intelligent nutrition to beat various illnesses.  Discussing Angiogenesis, and how it feeds either the death or growth of new blood vessels, Li tells how you can feed healthy processes in the body and starve unhealthy processes like cancer and obesity as well as many others. Most of the anti-angiogenetic therapies that Li talks about are mostly topical creams and oral doses of drugs that can be applied and used once a tumor has developed.  But Li goes a step further and advises on what you can do to stop cancer developing in the first place.  Showing you what foods you can eat to not [...]

The Gut Fix… Part 2: The Elimination Diet

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The 4Rs of Functional Medicine Remove: The goal here is to remove anything that could be troubling your digestive system and causing you issues. These are more likely to be foods, which is why the elimination diet above proves so beneficial, but it is also likely that your gut could have a bacterial imbalance, parasite, or some sort of infection. In less serious cases, these can be cured with a herbal supplement, but in severe cases you may need antibiotics. The two gold standards of testing in this case will be the elimination diet for food and a comprehensive stool analysis for parasites and bacterial balance. Replace:  During this second phase that you would to add in supplements that will support the body and the healing [...]

The Gut Fix… Part 1: Food Intolerances

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What are intolerances all about? Food intolerances seem to be the new fitness food fad and have definitely become a hot topic recently.  Without being tested or performing an Elimination Diet, people with little nutrition experience will tell you to avoid all sorts of food because they are causing you to die a slow death.  But just how much of this is true and why has everyone jumped on the bandwagon? Food intolerances are common place these days and most people that are into 'health and fitness' also seem to think that they have one or several and become orthorexic in trying to avoid certain foods.  Just as how fat was demonised in the 70s and 80s, and carbs in the 90s up until recently, [...]