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5 Reasons Boxing Is A Good Workout

Boxing is definitely one of the most intense sports in the world. Not only does it involve a lot of ass-kicking but being a good boxer is more than just knowing how to throw a good punch. In fact, punching makes up just a fraction of what boxing is really all about. It requires plenty of footwork, fast reflexes, and split-second thinking and under all that is plenty of hardcore training.

Boxing for sport is definitely popular but boxing to get fit is looking to take the spotlight and the trend is rising as we speak. The exclusivity of boxing is long gone and the time is ripe to get fit and strong all while learning to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Effective Fat Burner

Most of us workout for one reason and that’s to lose weight. When it comes to proper weight loss, diet plays much more of a role than exercise but exercising keeps the fat furnace in your body up and running. We’ve all heard of the different exercises and popular diet pills for weight loss but boxing has got to be one of the most exciting ones there is.

Why? Aside from learning how to knock a guy out, you also burn at least 400 solid calories per hour. And we’re not even talking about the amount of calories you’ll additionally burn for when your muscles enter recovery mode.

Good For The Heart And Lungs

Boxing is definitely one of the best ways to keep your heart beating like a champ. Exercising trains your heart muscles which decreases your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. With that said, a good boxing workout should always keep your heart rate at levels high enough to think your heart’s about to jump out of your chest. 

Let’s not forget how much the lungs get worked out too. When you regularly exercise, you develop a breathing pattern for each type of workout you do. Heavy lifts usually require you to breathe deep at the bottom and release at the top. Boxing, on the other hand, teaches us to breathe in a way that our core remains tight enough to brace for impact. When trained regularly, this “tight” breathing develops lung power and allows us to control our breathing which is crucial when it comes to measuring endurance and stamina.

Improve Overall Power

I’m all about optimizing my strength with kettlebells but boxing is also a great way to get stronger. It improves bone density, muscle mass, and even the speed of your punches. Your weight plus the speed of your punch translates to harder punches or simply mass x speed = POWER!

The fact that it’s low impact on joints mean even the elderly can learn how to box their way into a strong body.

Efficient Hand-eye Coordination

The constant need to use your hands and eyes to strike and block improves your hand-eye coordination. This is not just useful in boxing but in real life situations too like catching a falling object before it reaches the ground, hit a baseball, or blocking an incoming punch from a thug. It brings a whole new meaning to the term “Think fast!

Learn How To Defend Yourself

Perhaps one of the best benefits of boxing is getting crazy fit, fast, and strong while also learning how to defend yourself. Boxing basically turns your hands into invisible weapons and would catch crazy thugs unexpectedly.

Boxing can be more than just a sport. It can be a fun hobby, done for stress relief, or pass as a really awesome excuse to punch stuff. Just remember to always consult with professionals before you even pick your gloves. Pros get injured all the time so it goes without saying newbies should pay more attention to detail. Now go and “knock” yourself out!

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