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Own Your Fitness is a premier Personal Training and Nutritional Consultancy. Mish started his training life obese, out of shape and very unfit. Fast forward to the present day and several years of education later, he's here to provide you with an unparalleled service in the most advanced areas of training, nutrition and supplementation.

Why Weight? Where the Answers Lie to a Successful Body Transformation.

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Why weight? Get started today! See what I did there? The Secret's Out For years, people have avoided the weights room. It's almost been like an exclusive club which required a meat head membership. The biggest guys were in there, the loudest and more often than not, the most obnoxious too. Usually dubbed the 'Testosterone Zone', you'd only really train here if you fit in or could bare that eye watering stretch floating through the room. However, modern fitness has changed all that. People are beginning to realise, the weights room is where the results are. It doesn't take a genius to realise that the most impressive physiques, whether it be the strongest or the most aesthetic, all lie in the same place. The Weights [...]

How To Keep Track of Body Composition and Stay on Top of Your Goals!

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Body transformations are high on everyone's list of priorities... However, using scales to measure your progress will leave you frustrated. When that number doesn't change in a few weeks, but you've been doing everything 'right', what do you do? Most people will take drastic measures. They'll either reduce calories, increase training, do a combination of both, or even worse, stop everything. It's frustrating. But it doesn't have to be. In this article, we outline other things you can do to track your progress so you don't feel like you want to pack it in. What is Body Composition Anyway? What are you made of? We all have bones, muscles, organs, fat and some other bits and pieces. But for the purpose of this article and [...]

Always Cheat on a Monday!

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Cheat meals! Who doesn't love them, right? But what day do you have your cheat meal on? Does it even make a difference? Most experts will tell you to have your cheat meal on the weekend. Have it as your family meal. As a meal out in a restaurant. On a date night. Or something similar. There's definitely merit to that method, but it doesn't work for everyone. You certainly get those that can do it, I've met them. But there are definitely valid reasons as to why it doesn't work; let me explain. The Cheat Meal Problem Although you like to think of it as a cheat meal, more often than not, it's not. It's a binge, or a cheat afternoon, that turns into [...]

Why The Squat Isn’t Working For You!

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The Squat. Best Booty Builder right? Wrong! The Squat can be a great exercise, but more often then not, the way it's executed makes it one of the worst exercises to build a Booty. Unless you have someone constantly watching the way you squat, or you have enough experience to keep constant tension in the glutes through every rep in the entire set, you'll probably miss out on a lot of premium muscle growth. What you're doing wrong, and how to fix The Squat! Ass to grass! Every single rep! Here's the problem with squatting too low. Most people don't have the flexibility or mobility to keep the glutes working all the way through the squat. There's a point you get to in your low [...]

5 things to make every workout EPIC!

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How do you make sure that every workout is Epic? What can you do and what do you need to focus on to make every workout feel like your best? We've put together 5 important factors, to make your workout EPIC! Epic considerations for Epic Workouts! There are 5 things that can make any workout feel awesome! These 5 things are crucial to having a great workout and to making sure you also cover all your bases. You see when you workout, it's easy to miss some of the more important things, like stretching or mobilising. Making sure you do these 5 things will make all of your workouts feel like the best you've ever had. They're so simple, that you could implement all 5 right away. [...]

You’re Not Good Enough

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You're not good enough... You've told yourself you're not good enough before. We all have; at some point or another. The thing that will separate you from your successes, is whether you believed it or not. Or even if you continue to believe it. Self talk is a powerful thing. There is no voice more powerful then your own and if it's constantly telling you you're not good enough. You're in for a tough ride. You can listen to motivational speaker and read self help books. You can go to seminars and take courses. Learn new skills and train yourself to be a better version of yourself on the outside. But... if your internal dialogue doesn't change, the outward changes will never really take effect. [...]

Workout Nutrition. What’s in Yours?

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I’m no stranger to intra-workout nutrition. It’s something I’ve been doing for many years now. It’s something I’ve done since I started training, but back then it was a simple BCAA or EAA powder. However, those that know me or have seen my clients train, never see then without their big bottle. This my friends, it the secret sauce and I’m about to spill the beans. Firstly, for those that aren’t in the know, intra-workout nutrition is exactly what the name suggests. Something you consume during your workout. But there’s the good and bad kind. While many companies have jumped on the intra-workout nutrition bandwagon, the first company taking this seriously was in Colorado Springs. To be fair to them, they still have the best product available [...]

How far Apart are Your Contractions?

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How far Apart are Your Contractions? No not those contractions… silly! I’m talking about muscle contractions. What? You’re not having contractions? That’s probably why you still look like a twiglet! Muscle contractions are key to building long lasting quality muscle, yet so many trainees that want to build muscle still treat their workout like some sort of Crossfit isolation workout. Why would you even care about contractions? Just move some heavy ass weight, right? Building good quality muscle is all about how long you can maintain tension in the working muscle before it gives up on you. If you’re just trying to move as much weight as you can, you’ll probably find that the muscle you want to train isn’t the one doing most of [...]

4 Things You Need to Make Progress in 2017

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4 Things You Need to Make Progress in 2017 Don't focus on change; focus on progress. The new year shouldn't be to change yourself, it should be an opportunity to make progress in yourself to create lasting change in your life. By the 15th of January, 95% would have already given up on their goals and resolutions. We don't want you to be one of those people. We want 2017 to be different for you. Here are 4 things we know lead to lasting change. 1/ Have a clear vision of what you want. Did you start last year with a resolution or resolutions? How did they go? Be honest! Most people have great intentions early in the year. They have an idea of what they want, [...]


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Let it Grow; Let it Grow Who wants to grow a big butt?! Hands up! Lets grow some Glutes! This is it, our beginners glute article. It will take you through how you should train the glutes for maximum growth. How you should set up your training to get the most from your training and what to do next. We've also included a FREE workout for you to download at the bottom! We get a lot of requests when it comes to training glutes. In fact, the most common goal we’ve had over the last 18 months from female clients is how to train their glutes to be bigger, rounder and stronger. We come across is so often, that not only have we gotten really good [...]