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Own Your Fitness is a premier Personal Training and Nutritional Consultancy. Mish started his training life obese, out of shape and very unfit. Fast forward to the present day and several years of education later, he's here to provide you with an unparalleled service in the most advanced areas of training, nutrition and supplementation.

Essential Supplements – What you need…

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Essential supplements, what exactly are they? To some people, walking into a supplement store is like walking into a sweet shop. They get blinded by the fancy names and colourful labels. But how much of what's on the shelves do you really need? In this article we look at what are the most essential supplements with a brief insight as to why you need them. If you fall into the anti-supplement camp, this one may be an eye opener for you. Essential Supplements - Daily Fish Oil Fish oil comes highest on list because it has so many health benefits. From increased cognitive function, improving insulin sensitivity and protecting the joints, fish oil is a great all rounder. For a small relative cost, fish oil [...]

Supplements: Lazy Shortcut or Modern Necessity to Optimal Health

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Are supplements cheating? Are they a way to be lazy and make sure you still cover all your bases? Modern food, including fruit and vegetables isn't the same as it was decades ago. So what can you do? This is Part 1 of the supplement articles, the 'why' of the supplement series, watch out for part 2 next week for the 'what'! Part 3 in this series will cover 'how' different supplements are better for different goals. The Fresh Food Industry As the demand for more fresh and healthy food is on the rise, farmers need to do everything they can to keep up with demand. As a default, this means developing new practices to make sure they can produce as much food as possible [...]

The Right Fuel: Feed Your Training For Better Results.

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Contrary to what people may think, not all fuel is created equal. Although a calorie provides the same amount of energy no matter where it comes from, choosing the right fuel can make all the difference to your training. Depending on your training goal, you may way to adjust your food intake to match performance goals. What Is The Right Fuel? Depending on the type of activity your doing, your body needs a different fuels to perform at its best. Choosing the right fuel can make all the difference. Following on from the articles over the past few weeks, strength training requires different fuel for optimal performance than endurance. Training for strength, which is primarily a neural activity, doesn't require loads of carbohydrates to get [...]

Endurance Training: Not Just For Ironman Athletes.

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In the last few weeks, we've covered energy systems and the types of training that use different energy systems. Namely Strength and Hypertrophy. This week looks at endurance training and the different types of endurance training; the popular and not so popular. When working to increase your work capacity, no matter what the discipline, endurance training is going to be your go-to tool. Why Endurance Training? I Don't Want to Do An Ironman... Endurance training has been seen by many as being something that marathon runners or Ironman athletes do. However, it has great benefits for the regular gym goers too. Apart from working wonders for your insulin sensitivity, it also allows you to give more to your workouts by increasing your work capacity. You may [...]

Body Sculpting Like An Artist – Without Going Under The Knife

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So you decided to start training. You got to it late in life. You definitely prioritise your health and quality of life. You'd like to be a bit stronger and a bit fitter, but do you have to be an elite marathon runner or strength athlete? You have a good base level of strength, one that makes sure you'll never get injured moving the furniture. You've developed a level of fitness which allows you to take part in fun runs and the occasional 5K charity event when it takes your fancy. But you still don't look strong or fit. If you want to, maybe body sculpting is for you. I've had hundreds of consultations over the years and most people come to me with the [...]

Crack Strength Training – Without Complicated Maths!

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Have you ever done any research into strength training programmes? If you have, you'll see they're littered with percentages and optimal ranges. You may feel like you need to be a mathematician when looking at how complicated some strength coaches make their programmes. Why is this? What's with all the numbers? Where did it all begin? Strength Training: Cracking The Code Strength training has been around forever. Since the dawn of time and the beginning of human intelligence we've been trying to improve ourselves. Being stronger was just one of the many ways of doing this. But it wasn't till the last century that a strength training was approached from a Scientific perspective. Enter Russian weightlifting coach, A.S. Prilepin. Determined to crack the code, he [...]

Energy Systems, GO! Choose The Right Workouts to Burn The Right Fuel!

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Energy Systems can be a really complex topic, or a really simple one. As I don't expect any of you looking for information to write a scientific paper here, I'm going to make it as simple as possible. In short, we have different energy systems that we use for different activities. Some use creatine for fuel, some carbohydrates (glucose) and some fats (lipids). Depending on what type of activity you focus on, you can choose what type of fuel you use. Although nearly all activities will use a combination of all fuel types, there will definitely be a dominant fuel source. The Energy Systems Our energy systems are broken up into sections depending on how much power an activity requires. As you can see from [...]

Walk to a Healthier Future!

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After dinner walk? Whatever happened to those? The simple act of walking seems to be disappearing. Even with the increase in health monitors and pedometers, the increase in walking is as short lived as the novelty of the latest fitness gadget. Eventually it just becomes an expensive watch or heart rate monitor. So how do you make sure your healthy habits stick? They can't just be something you do because you have a new gadget. You need to integrate a new attitude towards health, movement and productivity. Should I Just Walk More? Walking more is a great place to start, it definitely gets you moving more, will increase your heart rate and do wonders for your mental health. But there's only so much of it you [...]

Pole Fitness and New Beginnings!

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By Mary Milligan About a year ago, I ran into one of my shyest, most introverted friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time. As we were catching up, she took a swift look at her phone, noted the time and paused for a second. I think she knew she was about to make my day. She invited me to join her for a pole fitness lesson. “Just for fun,” she said. Twenty-four hours later, I was so in love, and in so much pain. This turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences in my life. And now, as I'm getting ready for one of my first performances at our pole studio, I wanted to share why I not only started but [...]

Cardio or CardiNo?! What to do for your goal.

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Cardio, you know you love it or you hate it. But is it a necessary evil? Moreover, does the type you do make a difference to your goals and performance? Of course it does! The Cardio Conundrum If it's something you don't really enjoy doing, then why spend a large chunk of your training doing it? Yes there are benefits cardio training but do you really need to be doing it for endless hours to see results? There are major health benefits to doing cardio based workouts, for those wanting to improve their endurance, health and build muscle. How much, how often and what type you do is completely dependent on your end goal. Whatever your goal, you don't have to spend endless hours running [...]