5 things to make every workout EPIC!

How do you make sure that every workout is Epic?

What can you do and what do you need to focus on to make every workout feel like your best?

We’ve put together 5 important factors, to make your workout EPIC!

Epic considerations for Epic Workouts!

There are 5 things that can make any workout feel awesome! These 5 things are crucial to having a great workout and to making sure you also cover all your bases. You see when you workout, it’s easy to miss some of the more important things, like stretching or mobilising.

Making sure you do these 5 things will make all of your workouts feel like the best you’ve ever had. They’re so simple, that you could implement all 5 right away.


If you can’t move properly, you can’t get the best from your workouts. Being mobile means you can move into a deeper and further range, meaning you can build strength across the length of the muscle rather then just in shortened positions where the muscle is already strong. Here’s a great example of a mobility workout that can be done before a squat or lower body session. Just to give you an idea.

2. Activate

If you’re training a particular group of muscles, or are about to play a particular sport, it’s a good idea to activate the muscles and movements that you are going to be using when training or playing. If you don’t activate the body through the right drills, your performance will be substandard.

A great way to activate your muscles or movements is to use exercises that get the target muscles fired up and you feel working well, even when not using any weights. Do the exercises for a few reps and try to squeeze the target muscles as hard as you can. An activation exercise is you telling the muscles they have a job to do.

3. Intensity

If you don’t challenge yourself, you won’t change. This comes down to a simple principle known as S.A.I.D. (specific adaptations to imposed demands). The more demands you place on your body, the more your body needs to adapt in order to be able to tackle those demands. This doesn’t mean almost killing yourself every workout, but intelligent periodisation to make sure you’re constantly progressing.

Try to lift a little heavier next week. Get a few extra reps in at the same weight. Finish your workout a little quicker. Push a little harder. Set yourself challenges to make sure you’re doing a little better.

4. Pump

Getting blood into muscle and more importantly, blood loaded with nutrients,  is key for improving performance, look and recovery. Getting a pump in the muscles will have several benefits when it comes to training; especially for those looking for hypertrophy goals.

Pumping a muscle has the tendency to rapidly fatigue a muscle and also cause ‘the burn’ so I’d recommend you do it as your last, or one of your last exercises.

5. Stretch

This is a great way to kickstart the recovery process and avoid feeling overly stiff in the days after a workout. Try to stretch the muscles you’ve worked at the end of the session. The best response you’ll get from them is when they are still active and full of blood. This also lessens the chance of injury during the stretch. I like my clients to stretch with weights, but that may be a little advanced for most.

Start off with simple stretches, which you can find here, and try to hold each stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds and a few rounds for each muscle group. Of course if you find stretching boring or are in a rush and are most likely to skip it, try a yoga class instead.

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