What Do You Want In 2020?!

Now is the time to set some goals and get cracking…

The Christmas period is behind us, so it’s time to pack away the professional eating utensils and get yourself back to the gym and set yourself some 2020 goals.  No doubt many of you have set yourself goals which involve some sort of body transformation, entering a race, or just undoing some of the damage done at the latter part of 2020, but do you know how to set out about achieving these goals effectively? In the first ever Own Your Fitness newsletter, I will be looking at a few of common mistakes people make when trying to lose a bit of weight and get leaner.  These are the most common I’ve seen amongst gym goers in 2019, and hopefully it will stop others making the same mistakes in 2020.

  • Too much cardio: Many people see cardio as a be all and end all for fat loss. It’s easy to do with little thought required and what usually attracts most people is seeing how many calories they’ve burnt during a session. Cardio though, as the name states is a workout for your heart and lungs. It will not create the lean, firm, defined and toned physique that most strive for. There are times when cardio can be used to help fat loss and it’s great if you’re training for a race or event, but as many of my clients can confirm, it’s used in their programs as a supplemental tool and never makes up the bulk of a training regime.
  • Cutting calories straight away: When starting on a new eating plan, cutting calories is not always the best way to initiate fat loss.  Yes eating fewer calories than you burn will lead to fat loss, but it will also lead to a stall/plateau in fat loss much sooner and leave you not knowing where to turn next. There are many other stages I go through before dropping calories. Eliminating processed foods, clearing toxins and getting the digestive system to function efficiently will have a much more profound effect then cutting calories in the early stages.
  • Constantly working out: A lot of people assume the best way to undo the damage they’ve done is to train harder and longer. To those people I say, train smarter and not longer. Unfortunately, your body will only progress as long as it remains within its capacity to recover. If rest and recovery are compromised, the more work you do, the harder it will be to recover and the harder it will be to keep progressing. Recovery is an important part of training, make sure you pay as much attention to it as you would your exercise and nutrition. Try one of my favourites; having a soak in a magnesium salt bath…

Here’s to hoping that these tips will help you out with your own goals. If you get stuck or need some help with your plan; I’m only a phone call away.

About the Author:

Own Your Fitness is a premier Personal Training and Nutritional Consultancy. Mish started his training life obese, out of shape and very unfit. Fast forward to the present day and several years of education later, he's here to provide you with an unparalleled service in the most advanced areas of training, nutrition and supplementation.
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