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Essential Supplements – What you need…

Essential supplements, what exactly are they? To some people, walking into a supplement store is like walking into a sweet shop. They get blinded by the fancy names and colourful labels. But how much of [...]

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Supplements: Lazy Shortcut or Modern Necessity to Optimal Health

Are supplements cheating? Are they a way to be lazy and make sure you still cover all your bases? Modern food, including fruit and vegetables isn't the same as it was decades ago. So what [...]

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The Right Fuel: Feed Your Training For Better Results.

Contrary to what people may think, not all fuel is created equal. Although a calorie provides the same amount of energy no matter where it comes from, choosing the right fuel can make all the [...]

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Endurance Training: Not Just For Ironman Athletes.

In the last few weeks, we've covered energy systems and the types of training that use different energy systems. Namely Strength and Hypertrophy. This week looks at endurance training and the different types of endurance training; [...]

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Body Sculpting Like An Artist – Without Going Under The Knife

So you decided to start training. You got to it late in life. You definitely prioritise your health and quality of life. You'd like to be a bit stronger and a bit fitter, but do [...]

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Crack Strength Training – Without Complicated Maths!

Have you ever done any research into strength training programmes? If you have, you'll see they're littered with percentages and optimal ranges. You may feel like you need to be a mathematician when looking at [...]